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This weekend will be the last long weekend of a fabulous summer we’ve been having.  What are you going to be doing?  Taking a road trip? Driving to the beach? I will be in Montreal working but will still have the Monday to enjoy. Be safe this long weekend in whatever you will be doing.  Read below some tips I wanted to share with you to not get caught on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance.





Labour Day originated in Canada! In 1872 a parade was held in support of a strike against the 58 hour work week. 

This month's topic: Long weekend prep and tips

Labour Day weekend is a very busy travel weekend for many people.  With gas prices being what they are many people will be driving somewhere.  If you’ve been putting off some automotive maintenance then be sure to get it done before you head out somewhere.  An example of maintenance that should be done would be, are your brakes squealing and you need to have them replaced? If so, make sure this is done before you travel.  When you take your vehicle into Active Green and Ross it will also give the technicians an opportunity to do a once over check on your vehicle.  Other items that you would want to check before you head down the road would be:

  1. Tire Tread- Are your tires down to the wear line?  If you look at your tires you will see a line of rubber that goes across the face of the tire.  When your tires get to this point, your tires are considered worn out.
  2. Tire pressure-  Tire pressure should be checked once a month. Look for the tire pressure placard which is commonly found inside your drivers side door jam on the “b” pillar.  Never go by the pressure that is indicated on the side wall of the tire.  This is a maximum pressure only and will prematurely wear out your tire.  Just like if your tires are low in air pressure, they will be prematurely wear out and make you burn more gas.
  3. Battery terminals- Look at your terminals and see if there is any green corrosion on them.  If there, go to your Active Green and Ross shop and ask them to clean the terminals.  Chances are if you are already having your vehicle serviced there it is being taken care of because they check your battery every time you go in for service.


Here are some additional tips to make your weekend a great weekend.

  1. Plan your departure time and day- If you can go a day earlier and/or stay a day later.  This will avoid any travel problems.  If you must travel on the Friday and Monday go early or go late and this will minimize traffic congestion.
  2. Don’t be THAT person- be extra careful when you are driving so that you don’t cause an accident making the driving even worse that it already is.
  3. Download WAZE- this is an amazing app. It will help you navigate the fastest route and will likely keep you off of many of the congested roads so you will get there quicker!
  4. Have an Emergency Roadside Kit- go my website if you want to see what is in mine and I would also add energy bars, bottles of water and whatever else will make you feel better if you are stranded somewhere for hours.
  5. Have roadside assistance- just in case you break down!


Take care of your car and it will take care of you!

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