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We are officially into spring and I hope everyone had a great long weekend. (My weekend was spent without power from Thursday night to Sunday at noon. Talk about throw you off your schedule but we managed with a generator, water for the toilet from the pond and a fireplace to heat the house.)

When I was calling one of the Active Green and Ross stores that usually holds an annual car care clinic we started talking about winter tires and when it would get busy taking them off. He mentioned something that had kind of slipped my mind and I wanted to remind you of it as well. If you are getting a discount from your vehicle insurance provider for installing winter tires, many of them require you to keep your winter tires on until March 31. So hopefully, you haven’t taken them off yet or at least waiting until next week April 1, which is likely when you are reading this One other thing to remember is if you bought your tires at Active Green and Ross, the changeovers are no charge. This is a great value added service and if you need somewhere to store your tires they can do that for you as well, but there will be a fee for this.





The inventor of cruise control was blind!

This month's topic: Automotive Apps that can help you in many ways

How many of you have a file folder that you keep all of your automotive records in? I always say this is a great idea especially when you are getting ready to sell your vehicle. All of these records show the prospective buyer all of the tender loving care you have given it and if your vehicle has been well maintained you can get up to 50% more in resale. Having said that, many of us have the best of intentions but we don’t always follow through. Well it’s 2016 now and there are many other ways that we can keep track of our vehicle information electronically. This technology can also alert us to upcoming maintenance that is required and with some apps it can even be shared with the new owner if you sell your car. Below are a few apps that you can download to your smartphone to keep track of vehicle maintenance records. The ones I’ve listed are free and I haven’t written everything they cover, just the highlights.

Auto Care Free- Car Maintenance (free)
Allows you to track multiple vehicles
Can see vehicle service expenses per year
Distance travelled per month (highway and in town)

AUTOsist- (free)
Tracks vehicle repairs
Gives reminders for oil changes, insurance payments
Can share maintenance records when sell vehicle

Car Xpenses
Pretty much the same items as the above apps.
Also uses red, yellow, green with maintenance.

Gas Cubby
Tracks fuel mileage and service

Other vehicle apps that you may find useful but not specifically for vehicle maintenance are Waze and Auto Accident.

Helps you navigate the best way to your destination the quickest.
You get points for putting in things like vehicles stopped on the shoulder, police, accidents etc.

Auto Accident
You can input all the data from an accident about the other driver
What to do if you have an accident

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