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Depending on whether you like winter or not will determine how you feel about this winter.  Even though I love to snowmobile, I am quite happy with the weather we’ve have so far this winter.  Are you like my boyfriend and like to get into a nice toasty car on your way to work?  Or, do you start it up, clear it off and then drive easily down the road?  To warm up your car or not has been a debate that seems to have gone on forever depending on who you speak to.  I thought I would write about it in this month’s newsletter and clear up the debate.  BTW- Happy St.Patrick’s day which is Active Green and Ross green and Happy Easter :)





Every fourth year is a leap year.  This is because it actually takes the earth 365 ¼ days to rotate around the sun.

This month's topic: To warm up your car or not?

Unless your vehicle has a carburetor there is no need to warm up your vehicle in your driveway before you leave.  Guess what…99.9% of us drive a vehicle that doesn’t have a carburetor; most of us have fuel injection.  In the old days when vehicles had carburetors if a person started their car in the dead of winter and tried to drive away the engine would often stall out and also the engine oils weren’t as good as they are today.  So the lubrication was compromised and thus warming up your engine was promoted and required.  Now all you really need to do is start your vehicle and let it idle for about 30 seconds or as long as it takes to clear your vehicle of snow.  When you start driving, don’t “jack rabbit” down the road, drive slowly and everything will actually warm up quicker.  When you let your vehicle warm up in your driveway for an extended amount of time the fuel injection system makes the fuel mixer rich in the engine, which creates more pollutants and can ultimately clog up your catalytic converter.  This is because the catalytic converter needs high temps to burn off the excess gas that is entering it.  If you are really worried about just driving your car after starting it up you could invest in a block heater that could be put on a timer to come on for two hours before you need it.  So now you know, running your vehicle in your driveway in the morning before you go to work is absolutely not necessary.  It’s hard on your vehicle’s life, the environment and ultimately your pocket book.

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