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Happy New Year everyone. I trust everyone made it through the holidays and are now settling back into some sort of routine.  If you are thinking about attending a car care clinic this year or know of friends who would like to go, be sure to check at in the next little while as I am starting to book clinics in the near future.  The Toronto Auto Show is coming up soon and I will be working there on the weekends.  If you are planning to attend come say hello to me at the Cadillac display.  Hope to see you there and enjoy your family day!





Petro Canada puts gas line antifreeze in their “winter” gas.

This month's topic: Why gas mileage declines in the winter…

I know that gas prices have come down significantly which is pretty exciting but have you ever noticed that you don’t seem to get as many kilometers out of a tank of gas in the wintertime? I never used to pay that much attention to it, but for some reason this year it’s really noticeable on my vehicle. One of the biggest reasons your fuel economy declines is the cold weather. When it’s cold outside your engine takes longer to warm up, so if you are doing short trips in the city your fuel economy can decrease by as much as 22%. This is pretty significant and this is why you should try to combine your errands so that the engine is warmed up. When you are doing short trips your engine is likely never really warming up and thus burning more gas. Other factors that decrease your fuel economy are using your heated seats and window defroster. I have no plans to stop using my heated seats just to save a bit of gas A lot of people like to warm up their vehicle, which needless to say burns gas. (On a side note, have you heard how many people have had their vehicles stolen lately while warming up in their driveway) Tire pressures should also be adjusted in the wintertime. For every 5 degrees drop in temperature your tires lose 1 psi. So you may be driving around on under inflated tires, which creates more rolling resistance and make, you burn more gas. Your fuel economy will be reduced if you have a four wheel drive vehicle and have in engaged a lot. Another reason our fuel economy declines in the winter has to do with the quality of the gas. Winter grades of gas have slightly less energy per gallon because the gas needs to be treated differently due to the cold temperatures.

How can you help your fuel economy:

  • Park in a garage
  • Combine trips
  • Minimize idling- 30 seconds.
  • Check tire pressure regularly
  • Use heated seats sparingly
  • Remove accessories like roof racks that increase wind resistance

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