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This month’s topic is your cabin air filter and your air filter. I thought I would share my own personal story of my cabin air filter. Just as an FYI, not all vehicles come equipped with a cabin air filter, but both of mine do. I took my car in for service one day and the shop found that I had a colony of mice living in my cabin air filter. So they gave me the filter to see and now I use it to show women when I’m giving my clinics across the country. Mice living in your vehicle are a very bad thing! Smelling mice feces can be bad for your health and mice like to eat wires so you end up with phantom electrical problems that are almost impossible to diagnose. Incidentally, my car did smell horrible and I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t make the connection.:-( Some people suggest lining your garage with mothballs to deter these pesky little guys. Do you know if you have a cabin air filter? Time to find out!

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The average odometer reading when vehicles are retired is 320,000km! 10 years ago, that number was 230,000km.  I have 250,000 km on my vehicle, so I have a ways to go still.

This month's topic: Air filter and cabin air filter

We all know that we are supposed to change the air filter in our vehicle but how often are we supposed to do it? The general rule of thumb is once a year and this is based on the average driver driving 20,000 km/year. If you are driving less than this you may not need to change it quite as often and on the flip side if you are driving more than this, you will need to change it more often. When your air filter is clogged up your vehicle will feel sluggish when you take off from the light. The air filter acts like the nose of your vehicle. The engine needs air to burn the gas in the internal combustion engine and it also needs a spark that comes from the spark plugs. You will never see a vehicle that doesn’t have an air filter, however, what about the cabin air filter?

The cabin air filter doesn’t really have a lot to do with the running of your vehicle but has more to do with the air we are breathing inside the cabin. I thought it was timely to write about this, because allergy season is quickly coming and cabin air filters filter out allergens before they can come into your vehicle. These filters also filter out dirt, mold and other bacteria. Quite a few vehicles come standard with a cabin air filter. So you need to find out if you have one or not. When you take your vehicle into your local Active Green and Ross for service ask the service advisor to check for your vehicle.
This filter is usually located on the passenger side of your vehicle: either under the hood, under the dash or in the glove box. If your cabin air filter is in need of changing you may notice odours in your vehicle or when you turn your defrost on high it won’t blow very well onto the windshield. Be sure to find out if you have one or not, and if you do, when was the last time it was changed?

This month’s photo: 

Here are two examples of clogged cabin air filters. Notice all of the corn in the one photo?

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