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Since this month’s topic is air conditioning, I thought I would tell you what it was like without air conditioning in my race car.  Race cars don’t have air conditioning for obvious reasons, so being in good physical shape was very important in being able to deal with the heat.  This is what it was like when I was racing a 300 lap race in the middle of July.  I want you to close your eyes and imagine driving for 2-2 1Ž2 hours on the hottest day of summer, your windows closed, a snow suit on and your heater on full blast and it’s rush hour!  That’s exactly what it was like, and every time I opened the visor on my helmet it felt like the rush of heat you get from opening the oven door.  So next time you start to think it’s hot, just imagine being in my race car and you’ll think differently.  Enjoy the warm days this summer with your air conditioning keeping you nice and cool.  Also, if you are driving more than 60km/hr, it is more aerodynamically efficient to have your windows up with the AC on.






Packard Motor Car Company was the first automobile manufacturer to build air conditioning into cars beginning in late 1939 and it cost $274.00USD.(approx. $4,000 in 2007 dollars)  The system took up ½ of the trunk space and was not very efficient.


This month's topic: Vehicle Air Conditioning

In simple terms, the air conditioning system in your vehicle cools and removes humidity from the air that is being blown into the passenger compartment.  It has three main parts to the system: compressor, condenser and evaporator.  It operates pretty much the same way as it did when it was first invented and is usually a closed loop with a high pressure side and a low pressure side.   It used to be that air conditioning was an option but more and more manufacturers are including it as standard equipment. (My mom will be happy since she’s shopping for a new car and her #1 criteria is to have AC:)

Do you have air conditioning in your vehicle?  If so, did you find that it didn’t work for you when you went to use it on the first hot day this year?  We don’t really think about our air conditioning during the winter months since it’s cold, but when it gets warm out we sure hope it works!    If you find it doesn’t work, be sure to take it into your local Active Green and Ross to get them to diagnose why it isn’t working properly.

Here is a list of common symptoms that would indicate something is wrong with your AC system:

  1. The AC system doesn’t blow cold air (that’s an obvious one)
  2. The fan or blower doesn’t work
  3. The fan or blower is noisy when turned on
  4. One of the dashboard controls malfunctions
  5. The vent, car heater or defroster are having problems working correctly
  6. The air conditioning smells funky
  7. The car has a tendency to overheat

Having an air conditioning system that is functioning properly is certainly a great thing to have when we are driving in the hot days of summer.  It will also keep you from getting over heated and cranky if you are doing a lot of driving.  When you are cool inside your vehicle you are sometimes less likely to suffer from road rage.  So be sure to get your AC fixed if it isn’t working and we’ll all be happier:)

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!


This months photo: AC System

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