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Since this month’s topic is our cabin air filter, I thought I would share my own cabin air filter experience.  Two years ago when I lifted the hood of my vehicle I noticed what I thought was a mouse nest.  So I pulled out as much as I could and didn’t give it another  thought.  The next day, I had to go to a meeting in downtown Toronto and when I parked my car and got out there was a mouse sitting on the roof of my car (after having driven on the highway for an hour!).  Now, fast forward one year,  my car is in at the shop having some service and my service advisor tells me he kept something for me.  He had kept my cabin air filter and showed me the nice little mouse nest that they had built in there.  Now that I think back, my car did kind of smell when I took it out of storage, but unfortunately I didn’t make the connection.  Wonder what the critters were thinking as I as speeding down the roads :)




Saab was the first automotive manufacturer to use a cabin air filter in their 1979 Saab 900 model.

This month's topic: Cabin Air Filters

I consider changing your cabin air filter part of a spring cleaning on your vehicle and especially if you suffer from allergies.  The job of the cabin air filter is to filter the air that you breathe.  It will filter up to 98% of 5-10 micron road dust, pollen and mold spores as it goes through your vehicle’s ventilation system.  When it gets clogged up you may notice that your fan doesn’t blow as strong or perhaps you are getting smells in your vehicle like I did. The smells could be caused by mold.

Cabin air filters were first popular in Europe on premium vehicles, since their owners usually lived in rural areas and travelled into the cities that were filled with smog and debris.   Now almost 80% of vehicles built after 2007 come equipped with a cabin air filter.  Sometimes, it won’t be on the base model of a vehicle but will be on higher trim levels.  Often the box will be there though, so you could likely have one installed afterwards.

The cabin air filter is typically located in one of three spots: in your glove box, under the hood or under the dash.  It is almost always on the passenger side of the vehicle.  Some are easy to get at, like in my vehicle and others are bit more challenging.  In my vehicle,   I just need to empty out my glove box and open a little cover to get at my cabin air filter.  My suggestion is when you go to Active Green and Ross for an oil change or service, have the technician change the filter at the same time.   Many shops are now checking your cabin air filter every time you bring it in if is easy to get at.

 Your cabin air filter should be changed once a year and if you are an allergy sufferer it should be done before the high pollen season.  This is why I suggest having it done in the spring.

There are two types of cabin air filters.  A particle filter and a carbon activated filter.  The particle filter filters out only dust, pollen and debris and is less expensive than the other.  The carbon activated filter will also filter out odours and some exhaust gases.  Your vehicle may have the option of either type of filter.  So be sure to check.

One last thing to note, there is a commercial on television right now about cabin air filters and it states that if your cabin air filter is in need of changing, the air you are breathing could be up to 6 times dirtier than the air outside!  When was the last time you had your cabin air filter changed?

This months photo: Dirty and clean cabin air filter


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