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It’s now 2013 and many of us are trying to stick to our New Years resolutions.  How many of you made a resolution to take better care of your vehicle:) I’m just kidding on the resolution part, but taking good care of your vehicle is pretty important.  When I was driving home the other day on the 427 I saw a car blocking the on ramp with a broken ball joint.  Now this is something that could have been avoided had the driver listened to his car a little better when he heard clunking coming from the front end.  If you are getting ready to take a driving vacation to Florida or somewhere warm be sure to get the  “once over” done on your vehicle, so that you make it to your destination without a problem.  Hopefully you have a local Active Green and Ross you frequent, but if not, read below.  Happy Early Valentine’s Day!  Treat your car to a car wash:)



A new Active Green and Ross location has opened in Richmond Hill at 426 Major Mackenzie Drive East and Newkirk Road.


This month's topic: Relationship building with your Automotive Service Provider

Building a good relationship with your shop is one of the most important things when it comes to your vehicle and your peace of mind.  There are some people you flutter from shop to shop, never really getting to know anyone and always think they are being taken advantage of.  If that is you, then this is the year to try and find one shop and start to build a relationship with them.  I equate it to finding a good family doctor which I know can be challenging.   Your automotive service provider is the “doctor” for your car and it is up to you to relay what your car is telling you to the service advisor.

When you go into a shop for the first time, just go for something small.  An oil change would be a good start.  At every Active Green and Ross a 30 point inspection is performed when an oil change is done on your vehicle.  The job of the service advisor when you pick up your vehicle is to go over this inspection sheet with you and alert you to any potential problems.  This is also your time to ask questions and to see how they answer you.  This is how you start to develop the relationship.

Here is my checklist of what is important to me when I go into a shop.  I’m sure there are other items that could be added to the list, but this is a good start.

  • Is the staff friendly?  Even if they are with a customer, do they still acknowledge you? It doesn’t take much to nod or make eye contact while they are with someone else.  When they are with you, do they answer your questions when asked?  Do they make you feel appreciated?
  • Is the waiting area tidy and clean with magazines, TV and a beverage station?  A computer terminal would be a bonus!
  • Are the various certificates of training of the technicians on the wall or in a book nearby?  In order to be up to date with new technology technicians must take a lot of training.
  • Does the shop provide a shuttle service or courtesy car?
  • Is the shop close to your place of business or your home?  In other words, how convenient is it?

As a working professional, the above list is some of the things that are important to me.  I don’t want to go into a shop that is so dirty that I don’t even want to sit down.  I’ve also stopped going to some shops for vehicle repairs because I didn’t connect with the people that were taking care of me.   Life is all about relationships and once you find a shop that makes you feel comfortable then you should always try and go back to that place.  When you go to one place for all of your needs they start to build up a history of what repairs have been done to your vehicle and they can help you predict or prepare for future repairs.  If you change shops all of the time, the new shops don’t know what’s already been done and may suggest service you’ve already had performed or ask if you have had it done.  You could save yourself a lot of aggravation by going to one shop only.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!

This months photo:

An example of a nice clean waiting area. Active Green and Ross, Promenade Mall, Thornhill, ON

AGR room

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