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Spring is in the air and I thought I would give you an update of what has been going on with me.

If you watch the Weather Network you will see some new segments (4) that I recently filmed.   They are all about “car care” and they have already started airing!

Clinics are still going on, so be sure to check out the website to see if there is one coming up near you!  I have some coming up  in Hamilton and Barrie.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so if you need to get something for your mom have a look at my “Kelly Gear Emergency Roadside Kit for Women”.  It would make a great gift!



Mice will sometimes try to make a home in your cabin air filter.  I found a “mouse” home in mine and then found the mouse the very next day on the roof of my car!  He was alive…….and then I shooed him off the roof of my car :)

This month's topic: Spring into Spring- Time to do some car cleaning!

We do spring cleaning at home like clean the windows, put away winter jackets and maybe even clean the cupboards depending on how ambitious we feel.  How about doing some spring-cleaning on your vehicle?  Cars need some TLC (tender loving care) to stay in top condition and to maintain their value.

When was the last time you did a detailed cleaning of the interior of your car?  A good vacuuming to get the grit and salt that has accumulated on the floor will keep the carpet in good condition.  I even wash my floor mats with a pressure washer.  Vacuuming the seats to get any crumbs or grit that has accumulated in the cracks will keep your seats looking good.  Windows also need a good cleaning to get the film that accumulates over time.  Have you ever looked at how dirty your paper towel is if you haven’t cleaned your windows in awhile?   My rear windows also get really dirty because I have two dogs that like to put their noses up against the windows.

If you haven’t waxed your vehicle in awhile that is also a good idea to help maintain the paint.  Vehicles should be waxed twice a year.  When the water isn’t beading off of the paint anymore it’s time for a wax!  Don’t do it on a sunny day either.  The other thing you want to do is get the stone chips covered up with matching automotive paint or clear nail polish will work in a pinch.  You don’t want these holes to fester into big rust spots!

Now that you’ve taken care of the aesthetic parts of your vehicle or perhaps you took your vehicle to a detailing shop to have someone else do it, what about under the hood?

When I think of spring-cleaning on a car, the three things that come to mind are; wipers, cabin air filter and air filters.

You may recall wiper blades should be changed twice a year.  After the winter the rubber has gotten brittle and therefore won’t clear your windshield as well and may even leave streaking.  Many of the Active Green and Ross stores sell “PINK” Wiper blades.  Part of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research and some of the wiper blade frames are even pink.  However, if you aren’t into pink frames they do have frames that are black with the breast cancer awareness logo.

Your cabin air filter is something that should be changed yearly.  If this is clogged up or hasn’t been changed in some time you may notice your fan doesn’t blow very well or that you are starting to get “smells” coming from your airflow system.  Cabin air filters filter the air that you breath so sometimes mould starts to grow in the filter or it could be clogged with leaves.  If you suffer from allergies a cabin air filter is good since it will take the pollen out of the air.  Having said all of this, your vehicle may not even have a cabin air filter so check with your local Active Green and Ross store to see if you do.

The last item on my spring-cleaning list is your vehicle’s air filter.  These should be changed every 20-24,000 km, which for many of us is once a year.  This filter helps your engine burn the gas more efficiently.  When it is all dirty your fuel economy goes down and with gas prices being what they are we definitely want to do what we can to conserve as much as possible.

So to recap our spring-cleaning, you need to clean the windows and vacuum the interior of the vehicle.  You should also look at replacing your windshield wiper blades, cabin air filter and your air filter. 

A clean car is even said to be better on gas since it glides through the air better :)

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!

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Recent Car Care Clinic at Active Green and Ross, 1800 Dundas St. E, London, ON


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