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Spring has arrived and some of us in Canada are experiencing record breaking temperatures!  So that got me thinking about all of us who have our winter tires on and the importance of doing our spring changeover before we wear out our winter tires.  I will elaborate further below.

Also, I wanted to let you know I created my own “Kelly Gear” Emergency Roadside Kit for women and all of the contents are pink!  Please go to my website to check it out.  Many of the Active Green and Ross stores will be carrying them so stop by and pick one up.  It would make a great gift for Mother’s Day, new drivers or someone’s birthday.

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There are two types of tires: bias ply and radial ply.  Biased ply tires used to be used until the mid-70’s and radial ply tires were adopted in the mid-70’s when their fuel savings were recognized.  The first radial ply tire was patented in 1915 but wasn’t used in a commercial application until 1946 by Michelin.

This month's topic: Winter Tire Changeover

Some of you may be thinking that installing winter tires this past winter was a waste of time but let me tell you it wasn’t.  Even though we didn’t have much snow it was colder than +7 degrees Celsius most of the winter.  So our winter tires stayed nice and pliable and gripped the road well whereas our all season tires significantly lost their ability to grip the road well when the temperatures dropped.

The winter tire changeover season is starting early in many parts of Canada with the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing.  For those of us who install winter tires we may want to be thinking about getting our winter tires taken off sooner than later.  Remember that winter tires are not just about going through snow, they are also temperature related.

With the warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing in parts of Canada it isn’t a good idea to keep your winter tires on.  The rubber on winter tires is soft which is good for the winter but not for warm days.  The longer you leave them on the quicker you are wearing out your winter tires.  So make the appointment to get them done.  If you bought your tires and rims from Active Green and Ross your changeover is at no-charge.  How great is that!   When you have your all seasons installed you may also want to check that they are being rotated properly to ensure proper wear.  Some vehicles you cannot do this, but on many you can.

 Some shops will also store your second set of tires if you don’t have the space but be prepared to pay for this since they take up a lot of space and shops have to have extra insurance for this.

The spring is also a good time to think about getting an alignment on your vehicle.  The shop may suggest an alignment if they see a lot of unusual tire wear on your tires when they are doing the changeover.  Unusual wear is usually an indication of a problem with your steering.  Perhaps you hit a curb really hard or one too many pot holes and damaged your steering assembly.  If you are installing a brand new set of tires be sure to get an alignment to ensure long life of your tires.

Your tires are the only thing you have in contact with the road so take care of them!

Take care of your car and it will take care of you!

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