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Yay, it’s finally starting to get warm! I can hardly wait to get in the gardens. With warm weather after a cold winter we are seeing lots of dreaded potholes on the road. When I’m driving I use a vehicle navigation app called “Waze”. This app alerts to me to potential potholes on the road. If other passengers in vehicles see them they can input the information on where the pothole is. This app works great!

Ontario certainly suffers from potholes, but they are nothing like the potholes I saw when I was in Saskatoon last year. The pothole was the entire lane! I couldn’t believe it. The roads were horrible and you had to be very careful when you were driving. This isn’t to say that we don’t have potholes that are bad here in Ontario; it’s just that I had never seen any quite so bad as I did in Saskatoon. If you see potholes go online to see how to report them. Google “ reporting potholes in _______”. If you do experience damage make sure you go into your local Active Green and Ross to have your vehicle inspected and repaired.

Enjoy the Victoria Day long weekend coming up in May!





In 2010 The City of Toronto fixed 275,000 pot holes at an approximate cost of $25.00/hole adding up to almost 7 million dollars!

This month's topic: The dreaded pothole.

Before we talk about potholes I wanted to talk about how a pothole is created and why they are traditionally worse in the spring. A pothole is created when water penetrates the top layer of asphalt through cracks in the road. When you get the freezing and thawing of the moisture it forces the pavement up. When vehicles are driving over this weakened surface eventually the asphalt is further broken up dispersed and the soil is also dispersed. Eventually, a big pothole can develop if not dealt with. In the City of Toronto a pothole is repaired within 4 days of being reported. So do your part.

Potholes put a high strain on our vehicles, especially to our tires, wheels and suspension. How fast we are going and the size of the pothole will determine the potential severity in damage. I’m sure many of you have had a bent rim due to hitting a pothole. When there is water in a pothole we can’t see how deep it is, so it is important to be alert and aware when we are driving. If you do get a bent rim or more serious damage try calling your insurance provider, as they will likely pay for the repair. They won’t pay for a tire replacement, as this is a wear and tear item on a vehicle.

What potholes can damage:

  • Tire puncture or wear
  • Wheel rim damage
  • Premature wear on shocks
  • Suspension damage including broken components
  • Steering system misalignment
  • Exhaust system damage

Here are some tips to dealing with potholes.

  • Keeping distance between vehicles so that you can see the road and slow down.
  • If you can’t avoid a pothole, try to hit it head on. If you turn the wheel while hitting the pothole you increase the chance of tire sidewall and or rim damage.
  • Pay attention after you’ve hit a pothole. Listen for noises, shimmying, leaks on the ground.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated.

Trying to avoid potholes is the best policy but sometimes it just isn’t possible. Also, we may not notice any major issues after hitting a pothole; however there may be minimal damage that gets worse over time leading to costly repairs. In the spring it is important to do a wheel alignment. This can hopefully help decrease major repairs down the road. Listen to your car, it always talks to you!:-)


This month’s photo:  Don’t let this be you!


A pot hold and what can happen to your wheel rim.


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Technically spring is officially here but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Hurry up warm weather; I want to see my plants starting to grow! I’ve started to book spring car care clinics so check out to see if there is one coming up in your area. If you don’t see one listed in your area send me an email and I can contact the shop to see if they want to hold one.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

On another note, I’m very excited since I am getting a new vehicle. My first one in 20 years and I can hardly wait. Right now I’m driving a 13-year-old Lexus and as soon as my new vehicle arrives I will be getting my Lexus ready to sell. A well maintained vehicle could get up to 50% more on resale, so keep that in mind with your own vehicle. Keeping track of all of your maintenance records is also a good idea so you can show a prospective buyer the TLC (tender loving care) you’ve given it.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy the long weekend!





There are 30,000 parts in the average car.

This month's topic: Spring Cleaning your Vehicle

By now we are all pretty much done with winter although it is still trying to hold on. In some areas a little more so. For most of us though the snow is almost gone and the warmer days are going to come soon. Our vehicles have endured a lot over the winter, from salt on the roads to cold cold temperatures. This all takes a toll on our vehicle and there are a few things we can do to make our vehicle happier and prolong its’ life.

  1. Think about taking off your winter tires or if you don’t use winter tires consider having them rotated to extend the life of the tire. When it gets warmer than +7 degrees Celsius is when you want to take your winter tires off.
  2. Consider a wheel alignment. With all of the potholes on the road they can wreck havoc with our wheel alignment and cause our tires to wear improperly. If you hit one hard enough you do even more damage to your struts and rim. Try to avoid the nasty potholes!
  3. Change your wiper blades. These are supposed to be changed twice a year and spring is the time to do it after a nasty winter.
  4. Clean the underside of your vehicle. Take it through the car wash and get the under body spray. You want to get ride of the salt that has accumulated in all of the crevices in your vehicle. Salt and metal don’t work well together.
  5. Inspect your paint for any paint chips that can eventually start to rust. If you have a chip either use the correct colour touch up paint of in a pinch you could use clear nail polish.
  6. Clean your interior. If your vehicle is anything like mine it needs a serious cleaning. Not of garbage but of grime that we track into our vehicle when we get in and out of it. Spring clean your vehicle just like you would spring clean your house. It should be a thorough cleaning and then lightly maintained the rest of the year. If you have leather seats you should consider putting a protector on them to help the seats stay nice for longer. There are some great leather conditioners out there. Lexol is one that use and like.
  7. Change your oil if you can’t remember the last time you did it I just heard a story recently of someone that bought a vehicle and never changed the oil or checked it. This story didn’t have a happy ending. :)

This month’s photo:  Which one is your car…

Wash me

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